Mayor’s Corner

Laredo, are you looking for motivation for physical activity? How do you work it into your busy schedule? Have you thought about changing your eating habits? What is a healthy portion of food? I think we may have some answers for you!

The Laredo Active Living Mayor’s Wellness Council is a product of a proven strategy for creating and implementing health and wellness initiatives in a community.

Webb County faces a number of challenges in terms of overall health status. The 2015 County Health Rankings identify 31% of Webb County residents as obese, 17% as smokers, 27% as physically inactive, with a total of 35% medically uninsured all of these statistics are higher than state and nationwide averages.

The Laredo Active Living Mayor’s Wellness Council is working diligently to address the previously mentioned issues by promoting nutrition, physical activity, and prevention simultaneously at all levels, for the individual and for families, within institution and organizations, and through public policy and environmental change. This website has many resources that address these areas. I personally invite you to scroll through the pages of this website and learn as much as you can to improve your and your families overall health.

For our community of Laredo, I hope to build a healthy culture that encourages, promotes, and provides equitable access to physical activity, good nutrition, and prevention where we live, work, and play.

So, What’s stopping you Laredo?

Pete Saenz, Mayor, City of Laredo